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3. Course Materials Series

3. Course Materials Series


3. Course Materials Series

Susan Keefe's teaching career spanned thirty-one years at four institutions and covered introductory survey courses on general European history as well as introductions to church history for students pursuing ordination, as well as smaller and more advanced seminars in her areas of specialization. Dr. Keefe particularly loved teaching the theology of the church's sacraments and the rituals and practices that shaped and defined the lives of medieval European Christians. The Divinity Archive possesses digital copies for selected seminars and reading lists for Dr. Keefe's larger survey courses; extant hard copies may be found in The Keefe Collection, Box 2, Folder 35. The Divinity Archive also possesses a collection of 583 projector slides that Dr. Keefe used to supplement her teaching by showcasing museum pieces or ruins of basilicas and cathedrals. These slides were often professional sets purchased by Dr. Keefe during her travels, or copies made for her by students whom she had inspired to travel and see various archaeological sites for themselves. The slides can be found in The Keefe Collection, Box 2, Supplementary Materials.

Contents of the Series

3.1 Syllabi for Courses prior to Duke appointment (1981–1988)

3.1.1 California Institute of Technology (1981-1983)

3.1.2 Davidson College (1983-1987)

3.1.3 Harvard University (1987-1988)

3.2 Syllabi for Courses at Duke Divinity School (1988–2012)

3.2.1 Slide Collection for Courses at Duke Divinity School

3.3 Life within the University: Curriculum Vitae, Self-Evaluations, Course Evaluations

3.4 Tenure Dossier

3.5 Faculty Meeting Minutes

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