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3.1.2 Davidson College (1983–1987)

3.1.2 Davidson College (1983–1987)


3.1.2 Davidson College (1983–1987)

Dr. Keefe's second teaching post was at Davidson, an undergraduate liberal arts college north of Charlotte, NC. She continued to develop broad survey courses, such as A Survey of Medieval Europe from the Late Roman Empire to the Italian Renaissance, ca. 300 – ca. 1500 (History 112). She also had the opportunity to develop survey courses with a narrower focus, such as The Early Middle Ages to A.D. 1000 (History 123) and The Later Middle Ages, 1000 to 1500 (History 124). Finally, she developed seminars on Women in the Middle Ages (History 100) and The World of St. Augustine of Hippo (History 203).

Hard copies of items in this series can be found in The Keefe Collection, Box 2, Folder 35.

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