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Duke Divinity School History and Publication Archives

Duke Divinity School History and Publication Archives


Several of the Divinity School’s publications, documents, and photos have been digitized. Some, like the Divinity Magazine, are now born digital. We are presently in the process of both collecting the materials already digitized and making electronic copies of those things that previously have been only available in print. We hope that you enjoy this growing online collection that reflects the Divinity School’s distant and recent past.

The official repository for the print and physical Divinity School Archives is the University Archive located in the Rubenstein Library. Originals of the items that appear here (and many, many others besides), are available for viewing in the archives by appointment http://library.duke.edu/rubenstein/uarchives. Contacting the main University Archivist http://library.duke.edu/rubenstein/uarchives/ask is also the best source for finding the answers to specific answers about Duke’s history.


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