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3.3 Life within the University

3.3 Life within the University


3.3 Life within the University: Curriculum Vitae and Self-Evaluation

Dr. Keefe worked at Duke Divinity School for 24 years, during which the school grew and changed in its student body and its faculty. She was there for the introduction of computers for regular faculty use, and was an early advocate for them as she had found computers and certain software programs incredibly helpful to her meticulous work comparing manuscript copies of the same text. Here, too, there were growing pains, as Dr. Keefe and others embraced computers but not email, and as the Divinity School weathered the uncertainties of Y2K with the rest of the world. Dr. Keefe's irritation with the latter upheaval is evident in a letter she composed to her mentor, Roger Reynolds, on New Year's Eve, 1999, by hand, "because we are not allowed to use our computers."1

In addition to these technical changes in the life and reality of a Divinity School faculty member, the years saw Dr. Keefe develop new seminars and new methods of teaching. The enormity of the experience of these classes can only ever be briefly reflected in her Curriculum Vitae and her annual exercise in self-evaluation for her school, included in this collection.

These items are available in hard copy in The Keefe Collection, Box 2, Folder 36.

1Letter to Roger Reynolds, 31 December 1999.

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