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FAITH & LEADERSHIP is an award-winning publication of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity. It is currently in publication at www.faithandleadership.com and is the first fully online journal to be produced at the Divinity School. Publication began in 2005 and additional material appeared sporadically through 2006. Starting in December 2008 the publication schedule was standardized. Presently new content is added to the Faith & Leadership site every two weeks. The format includes feature articles, profiles, multimedia clips, reflections, sermons, Q & A, and a blog. With the online format, readers can take advantage of a number of Web 2.0 features including RSS feeds. Funding for the publication of Faith & Leadership is provided by the Lilly Endowment, Inc.

The purpose of this library-based archive collection is to preserve the Leadership Education owned or licensed content of Faith and Leadership for future generations and to provide a text version that is cross-searchable with other Duke Divinity School titles that have been digitized by the Divinity School Library. As a result, the archival files of the Faith & Leadership content that are presented here are static PDF digital surrogates of the original Faith & Leadership articles. Hyperlinks may appear in any given article PDF to show where the originals linked to other content, but are not active given the ever changing nature of the Internet.

For access to the most current materials and versions with active hyperlinks, researchers are encouraged to consult the Faith & Leadership website www.faithandleadership.com.

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