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1.4 Duke Divinity School (1988-2012)

1.4 Duke Divinity School (1988-2012)


1.4 Duke Divinity School (1988-2012)

Dr. Keefe joined the Divinity School faculty in 1988. She worked in the historical division together with David Steinmetz in Reformation History and Theology and Richard Heitzenrater in Methodist and American Religious History. They would soon be joined by another historian in American religion, Grant Wacker, as well as an Early Church historian, first Lewis Ayres, and subsequently J. Warren Smith. Dr. Keefe earned tenure and finally saw her book Water and the Word in publication. She also developed a second book, another multi-volume set, on creed commentaries, which saw publication in 2012. At the Divinity School, she taught small seminars on the sacraments in the history of the church as well as the large survey course on church history from Jesus to the Reformation. She was known for sitting outside the room during her survey course's final exam with the class roster and praying for each student by name.

Physical copies of these letters and others that were not selected for digitization are in the Keefe Collection, Box 1, Folders 8-15.

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