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Works of the Rev. Dr. Frank Baker

Works of the Rev. Dr. Frank Baker


Frank Baker (1910–99), a native of Hull, England, took his advanced degrees at Hartley-Victoria Theological College and the University of Nottingham. From 1934 to 1959 he served a number of Methodist churches in England faithfully, while devoting his remaining time to research on the roots and development of Methodism. In 1960 he accepted an invitation to join the faculty of Duke University in Durham, NC and assumed the role of General Editor of the newly-launched Wesley Works Editorial Project. Over the next twenty years Baker established himself as a premier scholar of the Wesleyan traditions, and Duke Divinity School as a leading center for such study. At a reception on December 9, 1979 honoring Dr. Baker on his retirement from the Divinity School, Dean Thomas A. Langford announced the founding of The Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition, as a means of continuing the scholarly study of historical and contemporary Wesleyan traditions that Baker emulated (see Duke Divinity School in Ministry 5.2, April 1980).

This web-page has been prepared to mark the 40th anniversary of Dr. Baker’s retirement, and his signal contribution to the origin and focus of The Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition. In addition to listing all of Baker’s publications, we provide free online access (with the appropriate clearances from his family and publishers) to the bulk of those publications which focus in Wesley and Methodist studies. The main exception is primary source Wesley texts that are still available in print; but this is compensated for by including a few significant papers found in Baker’s files that were never published. We hope that this access will not only make Dr. Baker’s scattered publications more accessible, but nurture in others the passion for study on the Wesleyan traditions

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