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Kibbutz Ginosar (Gennesaret)--Ancient Galilean Boat

Kibbutz Ginosar (Gennesaret)--Ancient Galilean Boat


This collection began with photos taken during a Duke Divinity School tour of Israel during May of 2016.

Kibbutz Ginosar is located just north of Tiberius on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. It is the site of the Yigal Allon Museum, which houses a boat that was discovered during the drought of 1986 and which is dated to the first century, CE. The boat is sometimes designated "The Jesus Boat" by Christian patrons of the museum because it is from the century in which Jesus ministered in the Galilee region.

While every effort has been taken to correctly identify photos and catalog them using accurate keywords and metadata, complete accuracy is difficult to achieve. Corrections are most welcome. They may be sent, along with the static URL of the photograph for which the modification should be made, to the Duke Divinity School Library at divlib@duke.edu.

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