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Dr. Dwight M. Chalmers; 4th Minister (1944 - 1948)

Dr. Dwight M. Chalmers; 4th Minister (1944 - 1948)


Dr. Dwight M. Chalmers; 4th Minister (1944 - 1948)

Dr. Dwight M. Chalmers came to Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church pulpit on January 9, 1944 from Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Chambers encouraged the congregation to be a “Bible reading church.” He presented an outline for Bible reading and followed up and encouraged members to read the Bible every day. Dr. Chambers was active in civic and church life in Durham. He served as president of the Ministerial Association in 1946; as chairman of the Committee of Religious Education of Presbytery 1945-1948; Counsellor for Student Work for the Synod; Chairman of Presbyterian Student Work Committee of Duke University; member of the Executive Board of the Child Guidance Clinics; also the executive Board of the U.S.O. He served as Vice-President of the Durham Council of Churches, and was an honorary member of the Durham Exchange Club.

Mrs. Helen Chalmers also was active in Church and Auxiliary life. As Secretary of Christian Social Service, 1944-46, her interest was city wide. Her work on the Auxiliary for the County Home, and in the Mill Community, the War Relief Program and visiting new members was greatly appreciated. As Circle Chair, she was a constant inspiration to her group. Mrs. Chalmers also assisted with the Hospital Sunday School Classes. The Chalmers’ home was truly the social gathering place for the young people of the church.

Early in January 1948, a call came to Dr. Chalmers from the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC. After four fruitful years of service, many were reluctant to accept his decision. The church had grown; 208 members had been added to its roll, and contributions had increased from $16,900 in 1943 to $24,500 in 1947. The stimulus he gave to Bible reading was one of the strongest features of his ministry.

Written by Sally M. Adkin January 2016 drawing from, Historical Sketch of Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church, Durham, NC 1893-1939 by Mrs. Mary Lou Carr and added to by Mrs. L.C. Oldman, and TAPC news archives.

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