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Bulletin of Duke University. Divinity School

Bulletin of Duke University. Divinity School


Bulletin of Duke University. Divinity School 1925/26 – 1926/27; 1931-Present.

The Bulletin functions as the handbook or course catalog and is produced by Divinity’s Office of the Academic Dean in consultation with the Registrar. It contains course listings, program/degree requirements, the academic calendar, a list of the current year’s faculty & administration, and information on tuition, financial aid, student life and various policies. Produced annually, it the official outline for students’ progress from the point of matriculation.

Although produced exclusively in electronic format from 1999-present, print versions prior to that point were issued and may be found bound with the other course catalogs of various University Schools in a volume titled Bulletins of Duke University. The Divinity School became a stand alone professional school, known as the School of Religion, in the 1925-1926 academic year.

In the two earliest years the publication still went by the title, Annual Catalogue of Duke University and was not a separate document, but a single publication produced by the Central University. The extant single issues with the title, Bulletin, begin with 1931/32.

This collection contains both the born digital issues and scanned versions of those that were originally produced in print format.


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