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Duke Divinity School Bulletin/Review, 1942-1983

Duke Divinity School Bulletin/Review, 1942-1983


Divinity Bulletin 1941-1963; Divinity School Review 1964-1983

Our digital holdings for this publication begin with the 1942 issue, although publication of this title began in 1941. The Divinity Bulletin originally was issued quarterly, but in 1961 the schedule was altered to three times per year. In the spring of 1964, while format and cover graphic remained the same, the name was changed to the Divinity School Review. In 1946 it absorbed a pervious publication entitled Christian Horizons.

Throughout its publication life a variety of audiences were targeted with this publication – students enrolled in the school, alumni, and the wider academy. Thus early volumes include listings of the courses offered at the school and names of the faculty, notes on faculty publications/events, articles, prayers, and book reviews. By the mid 1960’s the publication was more literary in nature than a source of community news or courses with focus on articles and book reviews. Issue 46.3 (1983), contained a play script.

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