These collections contain materials related to the service of various deans and acting deans of Duke Divinity School since the school's founding in 1926.

Note: Some materials in this collection may not be accessible due to issues of confidentiality or special arrangements that the materials be withheld from access for a certain number of years.

Elaine Heath, 2016-

Ellen F. Davis, 2015-2016

Richard B. Hays, 2010-2015

L. Gregory Jones, 1997-2010

Dennis M. Campbell, 1982-1997

Jameson Jones, 1981-82

Thomas A. Langford, 1971-81

Robert Earl Cushman, 1958-71

James Cannon III, Acting Dean 1950-51, Dean 1951-58

Harold A. Bosley, 1947-50

Paul E. Root (elected in 1947; died prior to assuming office)

Gilbert T. Rowe, Acting Dean of the Faculty, 1946-47

Harvie Branscomb, 1944-46

Paul Neff Garber, 1941-44

Elbert Russell, 1928-41 Edmund Davison Soper, 1926-28


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